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Skylar Tumbleson

Graphic Designer & Digital Artist


Props Design, Flag Design
Life is a Dream

Props Designer

Created two flags of different sizes using an old bedsheet and different painting materials. This is one of them. The sheet was cut, re-hemmed, then an image was hand-transferred onto it before color was added. This flag hung above the stage for the first 2 Acts of "Life is a Dream" before...

Digital Art

A lonely queen walks through dimly lit corridors with lyre in hand. Moonlight shines through the window. Her shadow casts onto the wall behind her, mimicking her every move. As she began to hum a tune to herself, she plucked at the strings on her instrument, resulting in a calming yet energetic song to fill the halls. It made the queen feel relaxed and...

Digital Art, Dark Colors
Traditional Art, Graphite
Hallway of Forgotten Memories

Traditional Art

I remember sitting at the end of this hallway with my graphite pencils and ruler, sketching to myself while students sometimes passed me as they went to class. The hallway was located in the basement of the Humanities and Fine Arts building on the University of Minnesota, Morris campus. Aside from...


In silence I know there is a flame that burns bright and willingly. Power and freedom are in my wings as I prepare to take my flight of freedom. My hope and will arise as my flames grow brighter; the darkness ceases into the light. A thunderous cry leaves my...

Printmaking, Prints, Suicide Print
Tree of Knowledge


This is the one and only project I successfully created during the COVID-19 lockdown. I believe this piece is a manifestation of "using your resources," especially since we couldn't go out at all.

Self Portrait


This piece holds happiness...but it also holds my greatest sorrow in life.
I wasn't planning on turning a simple selfie from the airport into anything particularly special until I was assigned to create a self-portrait. Although its intended purpose was to act as a homework assignment, I wanted it to be more than that. When I finished it, I...

Acrylic, Painting, Self-Portrait
Lily 5_edited.jpg

RUSH 2023

Rush is a celebration of dance. No matter what size you are or how much experience you may have, all people are welcome. This event allows student choreographers to bring their visions to life in a way they never thought possible.

Includes: "Group" and "Solo" dances.

Contact Me

Hi, I'm Skylar! Graphic design major, Studio Ghibli enthusiast, and plushie collector. For my official resume, click the document icon to the left. Questions? Just shoot me an email or reach out to me on the socials. I look forward to hearing form you. 

Here are a few mood boards I've put together that were the fuel of inspiration for some of my pieces.

Contact Me

467 185th Street,  Trimont, MN 56176 

Email: | Tel: 507-621-0510

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